Yipee! lets blow 44 Billion!… or should we say Yahoo?

Do you Yahoo? Statistically the answer is probably no, you don’t, but in a world of decreased market penetration for every search engine (other than the Ubersearcher Google) the megalith companies like Microsoft -who’s MSN (I won’t even ask ‘do you MSN’) is even lower on the scale – are looking for ways to corner a portion of the Internet search engine market, initially they thought that the success of Internet explorer over Netscape navigator was a big deal, in hindsight it wasn’t, ask people the difference between Mozilla and IE7 and expect a blank stare, except from the closet online gamers whom I seem to be meeting more and more recently.

Google came from nowhere and used a simple approach, they have an interface that could only have been dreamt up by Mac or …well…. Google, and it was a huge success. I lived in Chicago the first time I heard of Google, it was around the year 1999 or 2000 and I recall there was another search engine called ‘snap’ or something that also impressed me, anyways, these …

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