Nobody ever wants to pay for anything, a crystal ball of sorts

Have you ever wanted to own a crystal ball? Today you will get a chance to see a view that I believe is the next best thing to owning a crystal ball [and being able to read into it too of course!].

When you see any issue arise in the public, be it in politics, unions, pay rises, college fees or any other topical issue in the press apply this rule and you will probably be close to the root of the issue: ‘Nobody ever wants to pay for anything… ever’ and when they are asked to do so it will cause a large amount of strife, especially when it is something that was previously free.

That is why we are seeing a fracas forming over third level fees, but before we get the proverbial ‘knickers in a twist’ we must ask the following questions.

1. Do Universities treat staff and costs with the efficiency based attitude that the private sector does? Instant exemption is given to lecturers because great minds don’t necessarily bind well with capitalistic goals, however, for …

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