RTE: Sean O’Rourke show, Karl Deeter & Ruth Coppinger discuss housing

We were pleased to take part in a conversation about social housing on the Sean O’Rourke show today. Karl was raising the point that people who need social benefits assistance should get them but not necessary forever, that it can constitute a form of ‘middle class welfare’.

Ruth had a different view and believes that social housing should not be aimed at people who need the homes the most and that social help shouldn’t just be given to the poorest in society. When Sean asked specifically if  she believed in an entitlement to social housing for life irrespective of your means, and she didn’t disagree.

We believe this is something that should be discussed because a benefit entitlement that makes sense on day one might not make sense 20 years down the road and if the idea of social housing is to help the less well off then keeping them when you are well off at a low price (which constitutes a transfer) doesn’t seem justified.

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  1. Anne

    I agree with you Carl – to give someone a house at a very low rent is an incredibly huge thing. Therefore it should be given with full understanding that the entitlement to the house be reviewed at regular intervals and if not needed they will have to provide their own housing. We need to change the system where some will be given a house and others will rent for ever (the social engineering by the Central bank) and others will buy and pay property tax with after tax income on their houses.

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