RTE Drivetime: ‘Talking Money’ on the best saving tips

This week on Drivetime’s ‘Talking Money’ we looked at ways to take the maximum money saving ideas and put them to use in your own day to day life. Some are well known, others are not, but we are hopeful that there was something for everybody!

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  1. FAO Karl Deeter.

    Re RTE Drivetime on Monday. You suggested that education is a good investment and that it will give you a ‘bump’ in salary in the public sector. While I agree with education as being totally worthwhile, please note that under Haddington Road, all allowances for having degrees or other qualifications were scrapped.Since 2012, any new entrants to the public sector are not eligible for any such allowances. In any case, the recruitment bar means they are most likely being hired on a contract or temp basis, exempt from any conditions pertaining to public sector employment. Regards.

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