I had the Balls! A conversation with Sean Francis Patrick O’Sullivan

If you have ever had the fortune of receiving an email like the one below, then you’ll be familiar with the rage of Sean Francis Patrick O’Sullivan, a man who probably writes into current affairs shows of every type with greater venom and regularity than anybody else.

He constantly claims that people won’t debate him, that they don’t have ‘the balls’ to do this, and that virtually any media contributor is a vested interest of one sort or another. He also believes that the media is also a fundamentally left wing machine, self serving and that it censors the voice of reason, a voice which he believes he holds.

We decided that we just might have ‘the balls’ to talk with Sean and extended an invitation to him which he accepted. The highlights of our conversation are in the audio clip, the full unedited version (which is about an hour long) is here.

We hope that you enjoy putting a voice to the name, and if anybody is offended let us know, we’ll remove the file, the aim here isn’t to upset anybody, it’s to show that behind the email rants there is a person and that these are some of his views.

Sample email:

From: –

Sean Francis Patrick O’Sullivan, DUBLIN



IT MAKES ME WANT TO VOMIT ALL OVER THEM when I see/hear holier than thou gits like **********, ********** and ********** etc arrogantly sitting in judgement on all those around them and pointing their self-righteous fingers at people for not keeping to crèche regulations, or in connection with the cheese sector daring to engage in the consultation process/lobby about the banning of certain ads on children’s TV etc.

Yet, no matter how hard I try, I’ve been unable to persuade these obnoxious double standard hypocrites to talk to me on air about what I consider to be CORRUPT AND ILLEGAL CENSORING of anything which may be a threat to their preposterous incomes or its outrageously UNFAIR competition status.

In other words they broadcast what suits them and they don’t broadcast what doesn’t suit them. DEBATE ME I YOU HAVE THE BALLS!

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