Repossessions you don’t even know about (when it’s you that it happens to)

We have a client who just found out one of their properties is getting repossessed. The only odd thing about it is that the bank never bothered to tell them about it. Instead it was found out when a neighbour told one of their relatives who then mentioned it to them etc. etc.

Anyway, the property in question has been lying idle and we are trying to determine if the papers were served at all and if so to what address because at present there is an estate agent sign in the garden and according to them this was all done correctly and paperwork is in order.

Seems awful strange, and the client said that Ulsterbank (the lender in question) haven’t called them in several months. It seems they are sick of talk perhaps, but even so, if they are going to repossess a property you’d think you’d get at least a farewell card or something?

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