Affordable Rental Properties are Hard to Come by

Rental properties have provided the people of Ireland different options when it comes to living situations. People that cannot secure mortgages for various reasons and therefore are unable to buy a home look into the rental market.

A new Simon Communities Study has found that over 90% of homes available for rent within Ireland are not affordable for people with state housing benefits. The study indicates that the government needs to monitor and strictly enforce rent pressure zones, including the 19 new zones announced today.

The most recent publication of the Locked Out of the Market report found that approximately 8% of properties available on the market to rent were within the housing assistance payment limits. That percentage is drastically smaller compared to the percentage of the population that is using housing assistant payments.

The study found some alarming information that the government needs to take under consideration. Only one property was found available to rent within the Rent Supplement or HAP limits across all of the study areas for a single person. Additionally, only two unites were available within Rent Supplement and HAP limits over all areas for couples over the course of the study.

The Simon Communities spokesperson, Wayne Stanley, said, “It is alarming that in some of the country’s most populated urban centers, there is absolutely nowhere for people looking to rent on HAP to live, particularly for singles. It is the right step by the government to add more rent pressure zones but enforcing them is important. The zones have historically not been monitored very well by the government and the only ways for the pressure zones to make a difference is up to the government. Wayne Stanley also stated, “Single people and families looking for one- and two-bedroom homes are facing a huge challenge in many parts of the country. Availability, of tenure type needs to be addressed urgently.” This has caused the record high of homeless people within Ireland including many kids.

Simon Communities is looking for the government to step in and help increase the availability of affordable housing options. There would not be as much controversy over rent pressure zone if the supply was consistent and competition kept the prices of rental properties consistent.

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