icon_pensionsWhen you retire, you could face a drop in income of around 70%…The contributory pension for a single person is approximately €230.30 per week (Jan 12 Source LIA Professional Fact Sheet 2012)………is that enough for you?

The government is now actively encouraging everyone to save for the future, through personal or company pensions. Generous tax reliefs are given with pensions so take control of your future and secure the quality of life you deserve in retirement.

The range of retirement planning solutions we give advice on is as follows:

  • PRSA’s
  • AVC’s
  • Personal Pensions
  • Directors Pension Plan
  • Approved Retirement Funds (ARF)
  • Group Life & Income Protection

If you are self employed or an employee, we will help you maximise the tax reliefs available ensuring you reduce your income tax liabilities year on year.

If you are a company director, we will help you withdraw money from the company without any income tax or benefit in kind liabilities to you personally. This product will also help reduce your corporation tax liabilities.

As Independent advisor we have access to a large number of fund managers ensuring that we are best placed to give you independent advice on the type of scheme to suit your individual investment needs.

Our qualified advisors provide all aspects of retirement planning with an emphasis on Independence, Transparency and Clients Best Interests. We place a high importance in taking you through each step of your retirement planning while continually reviewing your circumstances.

Please contact Darragh or Karl on 01-6790990 for free pension advice and or to set up a review.

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Warning: The value of an investment may go down as well as up. The income you get from an investment may go down.