1. Ronan B

    Karl, Re EBS I have a standard variable rate of 3.83% and considering fixing on a five year rate of 5.3%. Do you believe this is the right strategy or should I ride out the storm…..

    PS Very informative article

  2. Hi Ronan,

    I can’t give you advice based on rate alone because there are other factors to consider, other debts, what your mortgage balance/repayment is, if you plan to overpay it etc. If you have a financial advisor ask them, if not you can call our company and one of our brokers may be able to help.

    What I can say is that EBS offer new clients a better rate than that, by almost a full 1%! you might want to consider leaving them altogether and look for a fixed rate elsewhere so you get the promo offer, the cost of the move may be well offset by the difference.

  3. Liam Walsh

    Hi Karl

    I have a question which is not directly related to my mortgage with the EBS, but i hope you might help me with some advice. I have a mortgage and an investment fund with the EBS. If the EBS are taken over would the members get shares from the takeover company or a cash dividend if they new owner is not on the stock market?

    Many thanks for your time


  4. Hi Liam,

    I would wager odds of somewhere between 0-2% chance of that happening.

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