1. paddy19

    Good work Karl.

    This is the real world of bankers.

    Totally opposite to the bankers that the politicians and central bankers seek to portray.

    It is sickening to listen to the central bank consumer protection officer on Morning Ireland today talk like the bankers were some benevolent father figures who would look after mortgagors.

    This parallel universe where bankers are benevolent is exactly opposite to reality as the EBS shows.

    The proposed new central rules are a bankers charter to screw mortgagors.

  2. Catalin

    No surprise that the letter is from EBS.They never had a high standard because they never acted as a ‘bank’.They were called mutual …To be honest if I could move my mortgage from them I will do straight away…but love the tracker I have

  3. Linda

    I have, unfortunately, an EBS Mortgage. I have had 2 six month periods of interest only payments which was to be renewed in January 2013. I submitted by SFS together with vouching doucmentation and to this day, 3 May 2013 I have still not received a decision, despite numerous calls and emails on my part, which presumably means I am the one reneging on my agreement? Why are they hunting down people, sending threatening letters which sometimes offer”courses of action” and then leave you swinging in the wind ?

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