RTE Today with Sean O’Rourke: Karl Deeter & Ronan Lyons debate mortgage caps

This is a copy of a good debate that took place on the Sean O’Rourke show today on RTE Radio. It was a good example of how two contrary points can both have supporting arguments which seek different ends but where both sides have validity. We think that a return to bubble credit would be a disaster, but equally hold dear the idea that it isn’t up to Central Banks to orchestrate the winners and losers in society.

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  1. Will

    Well said Karl. Deposit caps only strangle the middle-to-low income earners. Who has 15%-20% cash deposit on hand on a 200K Euro home (and that would be a very cheap price in Dublin right now). Imagine trying to save 40K Euro and how long would it take to save while paying rent & other outgoings? The point made by both Karl and Ronan is one of household affordability; however, month-to-month is a truer/more reliable indicator of able-to-afford than overall loan amount. Can I afford a 500 Euro a month mortgage or a 750 Euro a month mortgage based on my monthly net income? How much % is my mortgage against my net household income per month, and how much is that % going to increase due to variable rates along with other possible increases in outgoings such as in goods and services via inflation, taxes, et al.

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