1. While I may agree with a lot of what ou said in the above Karl I have to say I dont hold out hope for people. These people on the one hand should get their priorities right and look after their families but the same people the other hand are culpable to some extent for signing on the dotted line without doing homework/research.
    The crazy thing is these are the same people who despite all that has happened have not reacted in a way that people in other countries (or even the North) would under such blatent misuse/waste of taxpayers money and take to the streets to make their feelings known by bringing down the government.
    So do I think there will be a change? No I dont think so as people are confused due to the misinformation out there and the drip feeding of reality, add to that a natural Irish lethargy towards complaining and its game over. I’ll back up what Ive said by the common response to the bad news on TV and radio as Ive been told by most people that they switch off when it comes on the air. If thats the case then how can they expect to change the mess we’re in?

  2. @spqr64 I can only agree with much of what you say! But it is self explanatory to a degree, if there is hope of a bailout under the current regime then why would you hit the streets against them?

  3. I dont believe there is hope Karl, What I do believe is we are being led to the brink f the abyss by a government who are party first and country a poor second. A government who lost the ability to govern a long time ago having decided it was a good income spinner to pump prime the property market in 2001 even when warnedd by the central bank it could lead to the property market overheating.
    I think the only bailout we are gonna get will be EU led IMF backed and courtesy of Mr Fitspatrick, several other bankers not to mention several well known developers and a number of shady politicians.
    I wont blame the regulator Neary as I believe he was ultimately a patsy with no background for the job and the seeds were already sown when he got into office around the mid 00’s.

  4. Do you mean Tennessee Ernie Ford rather than Hank Williams?

    I quite agree that having to leave your debt-heavy domicile is not the same as being made homeless, and for many it would make their lives better rather than worse.

  5. @Dermot well spotted! In fact, I even got it wrong on the basis that I was actually thinking of merle travis not hank williams! (travis did cover it but didn’t write it), I even play the song at gigs so I don’t know what happened the brain when I was writing that bit!

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