1. Mr. DJ

    I can’t believe you are sticking up for the banks, you are such a vested interest fucking liar. The banks ARE breaking the rules – charging account fee’s is NOT treating customers ‘fairly’, it’s shafting them because the banks made all of the mistakes. Do you see that side of it? No, instead you are too busy sticking up for those poxes that have this country in the state it is in. Deeter, you are an idiot.

  2. @DJ I wouldn’t call pointing out a misinterpretation of the law ‘vested interest’ or ‘defending’ anybody in a biased manner, the law is the law and the whole idea of treating the customer fairly is not about pricing.

    It may be hard to unravel the two, but they really are separate things. Take banking out of it, instead imagine we were running a shop that used to give out cups of water for free. There is a cost to this (the cups, the water – even tap water has an implied cost via commercial rates which cover it), if turnover was not sufficient to continue this practice we might start to charge for the cups – would that be ‘unfair’? Would it be denying people access to life giving water? Hardly…

  3. Joey

    Hi Karl,

    You seem to have finally waken up!!Of course there are plenty of strategic defaulters out there, i can name a few ones, Sean Fitzpartick, Phil Hogan ( holiday home fees defaulter), Sean Quinn,.

    Plus i have hear that a certain number of banks do not intend to pay the loans they took from the irish people is that true as well? Quid Pro Quo!

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