icon_mortgagesThis page has all of the [glossary id=’6898′ slug=’mortgage’ /]  information you will need, the areas to the right cover different aspects of mortgages, there is a mortgage Dictionary – just click on mortgage definitions & jargon and then there are separate sections for each specific sector of the mortgage market from first time buyers to self-certification loans.

The mortgage FAQ will answer some questions you may have, if not you can go back to our homepage and fill in the enquiry box, that will send a message to us and one of our consultants will get back to you. There are also sections on regular mortgages, Investment Mortgages, re-mortgaging or refinancing, specialist lending, and switching which are some of our core services, however, we also have QFA advisers and accountants at hand so we are able to solve many diverse financial planning issues.

You can read our mortgage blog which is regularly updated (almost daily!) and will give you insight into developments not only in the Irish mortgage market but also in the greater general financial market.

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