Smart Home Technology and Three Gadgets Worth Having


A smart home is a place where connected devices either by Bluetooth or the internet are used to remotely manage and monitor appliances and systems, such as cooking, lighting, and heating. With technological advancements, many cool gadgets now adorn every home, changing people’s lifestyles by allowing homeowners to control intelligent apps for safety, comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency, often using the smart home app on their smartphones or other networked devices. Moreover, the gadgets aren’t just cool; they also provide quick solutions to common problems as it helps people minimize effort and space is saved thanks to the simple design and enhanced functions.

The best smart home devices automate homes, and homeowners can turn on or off electrical appliances, light up, close their doors, and even play a favorite radio station with a tap or even pronounce a phase. One imperative thing to note is that to ensure that different components can communicate, one has to make unquestionable that any smart home device they purchase is compatible with anything they own. In many smart home tech products, here are three gadgets that I believe are worth having in each home. These are: –

  • Home security and surveillance camera. Home security cameras are one device that intelligent home technology relies on to keep an eye on what’s going on outside while relaxing on your couch. It provides night vision and provides accurate and smart motion detection. Moreover, having a high-resolution weather-resistant security camera not only captures movements but also shines a bright light on anything that moves around your property. Examples include Wyze Cam V3, Arlo Pro 4, Netatmo facial recognition technology, and Kuna security lantern.
  • Smart Locks Systems. The digital lock systems for both doors and gates are easy to set up and use, and it protects your home from intruders and environmental threats. Having an alarm helps to give warnings and alerts through the phone. This solution works exceptionally well, ensuring that your home is simple and adaptable so that you can keep an eye on everything from afar. The ability to travel without a key is the most visible and significant advancement of intelligent technology. This means you can now program your locks to allow only certain people inside while keeping everyone else out. Even better, many of them allow for complex programming. Examples of these gadgets include NEEO thinking remote, August smart lock, and Vivint smart home.
  • Smart Kitchen Appliances. It is always a homeowner’s dream to always have an automated kitchen. Using smart appliance is vitals as You can control the temperature, set timers and schedule with your smartphone, allowing you to start cooking, prepare warm meals, and warm water at you own pleasure and fun. Moreover, these devices more comfortable, safe, and efficient when it comes to energy consumption and are environmentally friendly. Examples include LG Smart ThinQ Electric oven, Smart watering controller, and Aros smart air conditioner.



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