Brexit-proofing your business

What is the best way to protect your business and employees from the unpredictability of the economy and general business sector in a post-Brexit state? Skillnet Ireland seems to have an answer to that problem– increased training. This national agency’s main goal is to facilitate education in the workforce so that Irish workers can be highly skilled in all of the new and dynamic tools in order to be able to compete as a nation against other highly skilled nations.

During last year alone, the company has trained over 56,000 Irish workers in the small-to-medium business sector so that these smaller companies will have the edge up on larger corporations. Skillnet can provide assistance and training through classes with the help of 50 other diverse industry partners. 

The largest category that has participated in the upkeep and acceleration of their workers skills through these classes is micro-firms. Out of the 16,462 firms that participated in educational courses, 56pc of them were smaller than 10 people. Agriculture and general services were the largest overall sectors that felt the need to update their employees skills. Additionally, those who participated in these programs had a range of titles: employees, professionals, managers, business owners. 

While this strategy is bound to continue giving Ireland and other small competitive companies a leg up on competition, there is no guarantee that this type of precautionary measure will enhance or protect the overall success of your business. Especially with Brexit’s many possible outcomes, it can be hard for a business to have prepared well enough to guard itself from every possible negative factor that Brexit has the potential of bringing into the market. 

What is most important to a business at this vital time is having customers who cannot find a business or a service that can provide them with the same tailored service. By creating a positive rapoor between the customer and the goods or service provider, it makes the consumer more likely to stay loyal to your particular business even if it is more expensive in the long run. 

Overall, having the tools available for businesses to gain a competitive edge in the market is a huge part in the health of a company. With Brexit on the horizon it is easy to look turn a cheek towards it, but looking at viable solutions that could benefit the business in any of the possible situations will hopefully keep small, medium, and large businesses afloat. 

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