Social Media tips for Insurance Brokers

Social media plays such a big role in people’s lives these days which is why it is important for insurance brokers to know how to advertise on there and how to use it to reach as many potential clients as possible.

  • You must stay consistent with your post and keeping them up to date
  • Post photos of different employees to make it more personable
  • If your company is involved with different events in the neighborhood, post photos of it
  • Make your post relatable and in a way that people can understand
  • Promoting any type of special or deals that you may have is a great way to attract possible clients
  • Create posts where people can feel comfortable asking questions and create a type of relationship with them if possible
  • Using multiple types of social media is important in order to reach different demographics. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Linkedin are all types of social media in which companies should have some type of account
  • Facebook also has an option to buy an ad if you would like to advertise in that way
  • Make sure that you are active on social media as well. For example, you will want to like post or share post that may be related to events going on
  • Having social media information on your business cards, pamphlets, and other advertisement in order to get your profiles out there
  • Keep all of your post positive and do not get involved in any type of negativity that may be going around on social media
  • Trends are always changing so make sure that whoever is in charge of your social media profiles is up to date with the trends
  • Make sure that whoever is in charge of your profiles is someone who knows their way around all types of available social media
  • Be available. When people ask questions on social media, they expect a response soon and you do not want to leave them waiting days for that response
  • Post tips for your followers to benefit from
  • Share links to your other social media profiles
  • Do not overthink your social media profiles and enjoy what you are doing on them
  • Make sure that you don’t push your products on your friends or followers
  • When you do post, don’t forget to respond to comments or questions that are on the post

Social media is just another way to reach customers and potential clients. When used properly, it can be an amazing way to advertise.

This article was written by Nicole, an intern at Irish Mortgage Brokers and from the USA

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