Ireland vs US: Gas Prices

When thinking of purchasing a car  one must consider many factors: cost, quality, practicality (to some degree), make, model, interior fabric, etc. One factor that must also hold a decent amount of weight in the decision process is monthly costs. This includes how much you drive, how many kilometers per liter your car gets for gas, and any possible maintenance or upgrades you plan on getting in the near future. 

Fuel efficiency is especially huge, given that gas prices are always fluctuating. Additionally, there is an increased push in Ireland towards the transition of cars from petrol based to electricity based. 

Ireland’s AA car servicing company has noted in a recent survey that overall the price of owning  a family car has been dropping but prices for other vital aspects of car maintenance are still higher than the average Eurozone cost. 

Irish gas prices have decreased by 2.5pc in the last 12 months. Although this is a positive sign for car owners and drivers, this decrease was well needed. At the beginning of 2019, prices had a substantial hike that forced many car owners to spend more on this product than in previous years. 

As of late, the average petrol prices per litre in June 2019 is 143.9 cents, which is 3.7pc down from the same month in 2018. This price is extremely high per litre compared to the United States; the US pays 0.68c per litre while Ireland pays on average 1.38c for the same unleaded petrol. 

Ireland pays over two times as much as the United States. In terms of United States gas price per gallon, each state pays a different amount but all are much lower than the current price per gallon in Ireland. In the state of Ohio, the average gas price is $2.807 while Dublin’s average per gallon is €5.45. These are extremely different prices, especially with the conversion rate. 

This price differentiation is largely related to shipping and trade agreements among these two countries and their respective trade partners. In general, the United States seems to have a much lower price average than all of Europe. 

Overall, these prices vary significantly and can be overwhelming for tourists in Ireland as they compare gas prices from home to those abroad. On the other hand, Irish visitors are bound to be pleased by the affordability of petrol prices if they were to use a car whilst in the States. 

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