Looking to move to Dublin? Consider living in these areas

The city of Dublin is one of the most popular hubs for relocation for people from all over Ireland and the world. Divided into a north and south side by the Liffey River, Dublin has many great neighborhoods within its 24 postal districts. Boasting a population of 1.2 million people, more than 25% of the entire country’s population, Dublin is a busy city packed with a variety of inhabitants and lifestyles. Whatever type of lifestyle you’re looking for, there is a great neighborhood in Dublin that can suit your needs. Here is a brief look at some of the best locations in Dublin.

City Center South

Looking to live a city lifestyle, with great food and diverse nightlife? If so, City Center South may be for you. Though it may be a little more affluent and expensive to live in than its Northern counterpart, North Inner City, or D1, City Center South, known as D2, provides a great experience for those looking to live in a central location with lots of tourist attractions. Nearby attractions include the iconic Temple Bar, Dublin Castle, and the National Archaeology Museum. Though it may be too busy and expensive for families, City Center South is a great choice for people who are looking to live in Dublin short term, young professionals, or students.


Right next to D2 is D8, home to Portobello, a trendy area which is excellent for students and those into the arts. Portobello is home to many craft beer spots, brunch restaurants, and yoga studios, making it excellent for young and vibrant crowds such as students from the nearby Trinity College. On Saturdays, you can find a bustling crowd of drinkers enjoying beer and spirits along the canal, which itself is a gateway to the city’s outskirts and suburbs. Portobello is also close to many of the most popular attractions in D8, such as St. Patricks Cathedral.


Ranelagh is an excellent district for family life, home to a diverse crowd of locals and expats alike. Located southeast of Portobello in D6, Ranelagh is a very family friendly area. Home to beautifully designed suburban homes, Ranelagh feels like a small town of its own within the Metropolis of Dublin. It also has excellent schools, which, combined with its suburban feel, make Ranelagh the perfect place to consider if you are looking to raise a family in Dublin. Though it is one of the more expensive areas in Dublin, Ranelagh is a beautiful neighborhood with a great location that is definitely worth the lofty fees, if you can afford it.

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