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  1. The Cat

    HAP looks good on paper but upon utilisation and execution, it is a complete nightmare. Despite the benefits to the landlord, the scheme is failing both the tenant and the landlord. Why stipulate tax compliant in order for the landlord to take on a HAP tenant and at the same time give 100% tax relief? The limit amount is not realistic and it does not reflect the current market rental rate and the tenant still has to top up to make the shortfall contributed by HAP. In addition to that, HAP recipient pays a weekly contribution which is ‘forced’ upon via direct debit by the council. Failing to do so, will result in a hefty penalty where payment to the landlord will ceased! So whilst, it looks and sounds good but for the HAP recipient there is a ‘top-up’ to be made and a weekly charge by Limerick City Council for the recipient of HAP to stay on the said scheme! So who comes out doing the fancy & happy chicken dance at the end of the day when it comes to HAP?

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