Expanding Housing & Development: New Sites

Three new building sites have become available for development. As of early this week, Savills brought three properties to the market that will allow for development. The properties are located near Citywest Business Campus in Dublin, Kilkenny, and north Dublin.

The Citywest property is listed on the market for the price of €5.6 million. The site has been defined as 9.7 acres amounting to a little more than €1.7 million per acre. The property is also available at €3.25 million for one 5 acre plot or 4.7 acre plot. The objective of this property was defined as to “to provide for enterprise and employment-related uses”. This new property listing can be greatly beneficial for Dublin. Introducing a 10 acre plot can be developed and create new jobs and housing.

The second property in North Dublin that has been listed at a starting price of about of €2 million. This lot amount to about three acres. The price per acre is about €1.5 million. The property has planning permission to develop 35 residential units, and may have potential for an additional five homes but is subject to planning permissions. The property also has convenient access to the Lusk Train Station for an easy commute to the city center. This potential property is necessary in spurring further development of homes in Dublin. The increasing demand of housing can be slightly reduced with investment and development into this north Dublin property.

The third property recently listed on Savills site is the Kilkenny property. It is listed at a beginning price of €700,000. The property spans 1.23 acres making the property €569,000 per acre. The purpose of the kilkenny property is defined to be a nursing home. This site has a two or three story nursing home that has been granted full planning permission for an 80 bed nursing home. According to Indo business, the property has been designed by Architects Cummins & Voortman Ltd. This Kilkenny nursing home is designed to have multiple activity rooms, dining rooms, craft rooms and even a hair salon. Most rooms are single suites. Savill’s Kilkenny listing is another opportunity to help limit the immense demand for housing in Ireland. This site will serve as a favorable investment to private and public property investors.

Recent property listing are actually very beneficial for Irish people. Although the properties will only satisfy the demand of a few individuals relative to all the individuals who have demands for housing and employment, these listings are proof that initiatives to build and create more housing are happening. The Irish housing issue is so massive that it may appear that a minuscule three property listings could not help supply any housing at all, but increasing supply of jobs and housing little by little will overall help improve the conditions of the housing market.

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