Dortmund Property Market – areas, prices and average costs

Areas and Districts

The city of Dortmund is divided into twelve distinct districts. All city districts are then subdivided into a total of 62 statistical districts. Some of main, more well known districts include Downtown-West, Downtown-North, Downtown-East, Eving, Scharnhorst, Brackel, Aplerbeck, Hörde, Hombruch, Lütgendortmund, Huckarde and Mengede. 

Price fundamentals

Housing prices in Dortmund depend greatly on a number of factors, not unlike any other city. As any good realtor will tell you, pricing is mainly contingent on location. After that buys and sellers look for things such as year of construction, the condition of the property, living space, date of last modernization, final energy requirement (e.g. quality of insulation), surroundings, neighbourhood, car parking spaces or garages and much more. For this reason the following information may differ.

Development of prices / rents

The Empirica Price Database and others form the basis for the following comments on the property price development in Dortmund:

Depending on location, interior or other criteria from above, the current rent for an apartment in Dortmund are somewhere in between 7 € and 12 € per square meter. Purchasing prices also differ and reach from about 1200 € up to well over 3000 € per square meter for apartments as well as for houses. 

Within the last few years, prices in Dortmund, along with most of Germany, have risen sharply. The following chart shows the average approximate development of real estate prices in the recent years in Dortmund (prices in €/m²). 

The three different graphs represent properties from approximately 100m² (red), 150m² (blue) and 200m² (green) living space.

Due to the high demand for properties in German cities like Dortmund, it is expected that prices will continue to rise in the coming years. Simultaneously there is a downward trend in terms of properties put on the market in Dortmund. Living space becomes less and therefore it is to be expected that the prices will rise even higher during the coming years.

– Tobit Robbenmenke 21.10.2019

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