1. I am involved in financial services since 1987 and have been an insurance and mortgage broker since 1997.In that time I have not heard of irish mortgage brokers.From where Im sitting they have only really appear to have surfaced in the last year or so.Who is Karl Dieter and how long is he working in Financial Services in this country.What are his qualifications,is he an economist?Is he QFA?His predictions seem to make headline news for all the wrong reasons all the time,i have rarely heard positive news from Mr Dieter and wonder where all his information is gatehered from.Do you have a nationwide network of advisors from where alot of these stats come from or is this a Dublin based business with Dublin figures and statistics

  2. Joe McKiernan

    Karl Deeter works for Newstalk, the mortgage brokers name is only a front, every time you turn on the radio, he’s on it, being interviewed for same old things, sometimes makes me think that it could be a recording, as he seems to say the same things each time, but then he changed one or two words around so it cant be a recording.
    Once I turned on Newstalk and he wasn’t on it and I was convinced he was dead, but it was only an ad break and they returned to the programme, lo and behold he was there.
    Newstalk are lucky to have such loyal and hard working staff that work sucjh long hours like Karl.

  3. lol.. perhaps my favourite comment on any post of all time! My whole existence is a front! And like the Wizard in Oz, it’s all a big facade!


    • Jane beirne

      Hi Karl, I went to the states at 22 in 1983… I was democrat all along, voted for Obama in 2008 and moved back to Ireland! 2 years back, I became a registered republican. 2008, I knew this county was screwed, it has been painful listening to so many “ experts” literally drive us into the ground. I have listened to the vested interests push more and more money for homelessness! Never a mention of actual figures,addictions, etc…just more money…I think over 3 years all McVery could do was demand the government pay more money to landlords…he is part of the problem not the solution. It is always comforting to hear your very wise words! As you know no welfare in USA, started in Irish bars in NY, got citizenship and spent last 9 years as Carly Simons PA! Thank you Karl…..Jane Beirne

  4. Elaine

    Karl, may I pose a question to you, as having heard you speak on radio you appear well informed on all aspects of mortgages, even certain things that are occuring abroad in relation to mortgages. For some time now I have been following events occuring in America in relation to mortgages granted by subprime lenders, wherein hundreds of cases are being won by individuals facing reposession, both by representing themselves in court and using legal representation, based on their mortgages being Securitised. Furthermore big bank names like, JP Morgan, Chase, Deutche to name but a few have been found to have engaged in fraudelent practises in these securitisation procedures.

    Its worth reading the site of written by a trial lawyer named Neil Garfield. Every day are highlighted various cases which are being fought and won in the district courts, the appeals courts and the supreme courts in relation to mortgages which have been securitised, ie sold on.

    Its unusual to me in all the talks iv listened to on radio about the mortgage crisis here in Ireland that not once has securitisation been mentioned particularily in relation to the subprime sector here.

    From my research securitisation is going on here in this country and peoples mortgages are been sold on and converted into realestate mortgage backed securities to be sold on the Irish Stock Exchange and elsewhere.

    Its come to light in America that the lenders who are tacking people to court to reposess their homes , in particular the subprime lenders, never actually put up one cent of the money that the homeowner received , yet through a veil of transactions, now having been revealed over there in the courts, were taking peoples homes fraudently.

    Even mortgage brokers are now in the limelight for their part in selling unsuitable mortgage products which earned them huge comissions from the actual originators of the loans.

    Its all very disconcerting what has occured over there in the subprime sector. Yet iv never heard even the mention on any programe be it tv or radio in conversations regarding mortgages that such a process such as securitisation occurs even in this country.

    Do you know that it exists, why has it not been ever mentioned. Id be very interested in your opinion on this matter.

  5. Greg

    Karl, you are the one who gave the Irish banks credence regarding intentional defaulters. Yet you up until recently only had a qualification in what was it? Islamic something or other (Looks to me like a distance learning gig) Otherwise you had a few level ones and twos but no degree according to ‘your’ Linkedin. This is from when I looked you up last year.

    So Karl. Don’t be so smart in response to genuine concern regarding where you come up with the BS you spout

    Could you not do reality TV instead? Go on X factor?

    Because you Sir are as much a traitor to the people of this Country as the Bankers

  6. Greg

    Sorry had to post this from Linkedin. Mr Dieter is doing a lot of re-sits???

    How can this person speak Nationally? Amazing

    My previous comments are ‘awaiting moderation’

    The following is directly from Mr Dieters Linkedin page and is publicly available.

    ACCA Diploma in Business and Accounting, Accountancy
    2011 – 2013
    F1 Accountants in Business
    F2 Management Accounting
    F3 Financial Accounting
    Professional Ethics Module
    Activities and Societies: F1, F2, F3 of ACCA’s, and Ethics module. Working on F4-6 now
    Institute of Bankers- Certificate in Compliance
    PDC I & II, Financial Regulation and Compliance
    2008 – 2010
    Activities and Societies: PDC – Professional Diploma in Compliance, the first two papers award a Certificate, two more are required for the LCOI/Full Diploma
    Life Insurance Association/Institute of Bankers
    LIA Mortgage Diploma, Mortgages
    2003 – 2004
    This was a two part qualification consisting of Mortgage Practice 1 & 2, the exams have a specific focus on mortgages and asset based lending and are a stand alone qualification.
    Activities and Societies: Mortgage Practice I & II
    Chartered Financial Analyst
    2008 – 2010
    Activities and Societies: Currently re-sitting CFA I
    Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment
    IFQ – Islamic Finance Qualification, Islamic Finance
    2010 – 2010
    Activities and Societies: Currently studying for the IFQ
    Dublin Institute of Technology
    DipMgt, Management / I.T.
    1996 – 1999
    Institute of Bankers
    Mortgage Arrears
    2013 – 2013
    Currently studying for the professional qualification in Mortgage Arrears being offered by the Institute of Bankers in Dublin

  7. Falcao

    Seems to me like Karl’s kept busy and active over the last two decades. I’ve no problem with this background. The characteristic of his style is his ability to deconstruct orthodoxies neatly and re present them succintly. You could have a Nobel prize in economics and not be able express yourself.

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