You must be thinking of a different Karl Deeter mortgage guy.

net visionary best business blogger awardI have been nominated for an Irish Internet Association net-visionary award as best business blogger [God: the irony in your humour is noted]. I guess the lonesome path of reading and then interpreting and writing endless financial stuff is not just a cure for insomnia, it is also a route to recognition, and frankly I’m really chuffed. I had a look at the competition and was even more impressed – have a look at who I’m gonna get whooped by.

The Blacknight Blog: Quality blog on all things technology, personally I like this company, in saying that we are a client of theirs too which is the best vote of confidence we can give! Remember: talk is cheap, top quality hosting isn’t, we gladly pay because they are the best at what they do.

Spicendipity: A blog about food – who can say they wouldn’t love this one? I’ll be checking back here regularly! The way to win a mans heart is through his stomach (or as some militants feel: the way to a mans heart is through his chest with a wooden stake), either way, the cullinary delights are plentiful, if your cooking ability declines after boiling water/making toast then you should bookmark this and read it daily.

Pat Phelan: Never met the guy but I already like him, his take on a vast array of telecoms/tech news is hugely interesting to read [see other similar blogs for brain-nullification effects], how I have not encountered his site before is a new dilema for me, think I’ll have to go ‘fight-Club’ on myself for that one. I wanted to spend a few minutes checking out his site and an hour passed by effortlessly, I want to get lessons from him.

you can do itExperience has taught me something, I make a damn good runner up, proven at the Golden Spiders, the Investor Awards, Broker Awards, Chamber Awards, Ward of the State Awards [o.k. I made up that last one] and perhaps the Net Visionary Awards will be added to that accolade. That doesn’t mean we are not pleased at being short-listed! The Mortgage Blog was started because there wasn’t a finance/economics one solely focused on Ireland, the niche found us rather than the other way around. A big thanks is due to EchoLibre who realised that and then convinced us to go ahead with it, how things have changed, now we are all L33t speaking meme freaks.

On a serious note though: the Mortgage Blog has changed our business, the focus on technology has saved our firm (literally) thousands per month that is no longer required in advertising or pay per click campaigns, instead we set about building a good site and the nice news is that it works out best in the end.

The financial services industry is the very epicentre of the worlds market dilemma in 2008 and brokerages are closing down and being crushed by costs on a daily basis, its far from funny, I would call the current market pretty fugly. Our firm is still here though, as many people are with it today as there was at the start of the year, it’s damn near miraculous [hope it lasts!] and we believe it is down to embracing the internet as a primary business channel as well as creating a quality site, good content (with the exception of the blog!), a dash of interactivity, some cheese for good measure -yep, the talking guy- and a focus on making it kind of idiot proof.

So all said, even if we lose, we feel like we’ve won.


  1. Karl,

    Fantastic news to see you shortlisted. Considering you’ve only been blogging since January, it’s indeed something to be exceptionally proud of.

    Well done, keep up the good work.


  2. Hi Karl, thanks for dropping by and thanks for the mention! Congratulations on being shortlisted. I’d love to meet you on the night, but being just a one woman show, there is no way I can afford to fork out €250 (I could get a meal for two at Thornton’s for that!!) for the night! Best of luck!

  3. Robert

    Congratulations, your blog is both informative and entertaining.

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