1. Marsman

    It is brilliant article. I also belief that the internet will improve, the
    quality of information, etc.. Which by the way are occasionally excellent.
    And there is something else: the media and newspaper industry have been
    trying their best to get as much ad revenue as possible, with desastrous
    consequences for the media consumers as well as themselves, eventually.
    Use “ad rates up circulation down” as search word (on Google) and on top
    come 2004 articles mentioning the Colorado papers specifically. (briefly:
    circulation down 11,6%, ad rates, for quarter page from $8,300 to $18,400,
    a 189%) One of the named papers recently went bust, logically. They are
    not only ones with that practice, it is pretty common all over the place.
    And now the papers do their best to pull the wool over the eyes of everyone, creating a lot of confusion while actual information is getting
    worse by the day while improving on the net.

  2. Very good article. Well written and good arguments. I think you make some interesting observations and we have almost reached the point where the search engines are being out smarted by SEO experts.

    By the way,I worked with Ed O Callaghan, a nice and very commited lecturer.

  3. Thanks for dropping by James, Ed was a great lecturer, he just totally missed the mark on the degree of change that the web would bring about. I saw something recently that was a statistic about how the majority of people don’t know that the first few results on a search are paid ads. I think you are on the money in saying SEO is starting to outsmart search engines but they are courting that business, paid ads is how they make revenue!

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