Waste in public spending.

I was having a coffee on Merrion Square yesterday when I saw a lawn mower go by, then I noticed something odd. The grass wasn’t any shorter after he went by, there was no catcher on the back and there was no grass coming out anywhere. Having spent inordinate hours on a similar machine growing up (cutting lawns was one of my pocket money generators) I decided to take a look at the place that had been mowed and found that it hadn’t, so the friend I was with helped me to make this impromptu clip.

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  1. this is typical.. I’m delighted that someone had the good sense to capture this real tiem. on a daily basis I look at similar incidents in every day life and wonder who the hell is paying for the waste. Obviously ultimately it’s us, those less well off and struggling to make ends meat… will the government every get their act together. The least they could do is enforce the banks to recall outstanding debts and loand from the multimillionaires who are defaulting and maybe some of those debts can pay for ridiculous items like this instead of the poor joe soap..

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