1. Paul May


  2. Hi Paul,

    Appreciate the comment but can you elucidate a little on your statement?

  3. Dotcommunism

    Great interview with Minister Mick Finneran yesterday. I agree; the lads in the Dail giving easy digouts to their developer buddys who have fallen on ‘hard times’. A complete joke. I have property but because Im not from the galway tent crew I dont stand a change.

    Quote of the interview: “Did you think it up on your own Minister, Did you think it up on your own?.!


  4. Hey Gav!

    Thanks for reading/listening. Unfortunately getting a straight answer from politicians makes selo-taping a wet eel to a lump of jello look easy! Believe i may see you soon in any case?
    talk soon

  5. Dotcommunism

    Ya man Ich bin ein Berliner

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