1. John

    Great post. Keep up the insightful blog.

  2. Mark

    Well done!
    Tom Parlon has been given free reign to lie to the public of this country for too long. It’s about time the newspapers of this country started appreciating that those who buy the papers should be their main consideration, and not bodies like the CIF who buy advertising space.
    Guess what? If nobody considers your paper to be worth reading, then nobody will want to advertise in it. After giving Tom Parlon yet another chance to troll his agenda to the public, unquestioned, I’ll be opting not to purchase the SBP again.

  3. Mark: I agree that giving space to lobbyists is a danger. If the SBP wants to be taken as the serious paper it sets out to be this practice will need to be discontinued.

  4. Hi Karl
    I know I am years late in giving a comment – but your blog post here is most relevant to the market today – I just would love your thoughts on the Building Control Crisis – Commencement Notice ‘fallen off a cliff’ – self builders banned etc..

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