– We got banned!

Having been a contributor for three years to ThePropertyPin I was unceremoniously banned yesterday! In the past I had worked with the owner of the site to make a podcast, helped to contribute and create countless posts and then got the boot.

I was given the option (click image above to see full size version) of taking a different name and never mentioning my prior username or anything regarding my disagreement with the moderators of the site on the ban. I committed the cardinal sin of questioning a mod decision that was based upon some ongoing banter between me and a mod, essentially though, The Unwelcome Guest can give a slag but not take one.

What a shame, this used to be a great site and when many in the public domain had turned their back on it I stayed put. All of my final posts were deleted, but I screen-shot them for the sake of transparency. My farewell is below (click on image)

When you are given an option of ‘put up and shut up’ (email below, click to enlarge) the solution for some may be to accept it, mine is to shrug and turn away entirely, along with many other contributors I won’t be back.

It’s a shame because several of the bans this week represent about 80% of the industry practitioners who contributed to the site, essentially taking away a professional base that existed there for free.



  1. John Galt

    That site is merely a playground for disaffected begrudger types who don’t know about anything other than ‘property is bad’. They are like the guy from South Park, except instead of ‘drugs’ it’s ‘property’, one half will never own a home, the other half were burned when they bought.

    Nobody with any credence still posts there any more, you may not realise it Karl but you are doing yourself a favour by being banned.


  2. Finnabr01

    That really is bad tack on their part. The site is going the same way as I think TUG has too much time on his hands.

  3. @John Galt I can’t help but agree with ya! A lot of the folks there seem to be either leaving or becoming less involved, I don’t really care, it’s more about the manner in which things were done that gets me peeved, but I’ve said my piece so its open and shut now, won’t be back. Some people have returned, bertie basher (for instance) but many others just go and never show up again (professori, crash and burn etc.)

    @Finnabr01 what gets me is that I have actually promoted the site on radio/papers/our blog, helped to contribute, and ratcheted up lots of good karma, I then slag a guy who regularly slams me and I’m banned for 24 hours, then I question the mod decision and get banned for good! I asked OW if I should wear a star on my arm and tell him he’s being childish, next of all name banned – so I can go back but only if I pretend not to be me or mention anything that could identify me as me… silly.

  4. roc

    Hannah Arendt once said that there are two types of political discourse. – One consists of the representation of opinion, the other, the representation of interest.

    She went on to drive home this point that opinion and interest are really two entirely different political phenomena. But, we have got (easily) in the habit of mixing up the two – even, each masquerades for the other, alternating as suits.

    So personally, I think the use of anonymity may help to promote a more true representation of opinion. I don’t think an effort to try and purify opinion in the current times is entirely misplaced.

    Anyway, maybe that’s what’s going on here, maybe not. All the best.

  5. PropertyPinMember

    Disgraceful, but you’re not the first, and I doubt you’ll be the last.

    You’re not missing much anyway as the quality of discussion on The Property Pin has been going down drastically in the last year. Every second post you read is a moan about Fianna Fáil, NAMA or civil servants. As for The Unwelcome Guest, well, let’s just say that he is living up to his name, nearly 20,000 posts of withering insults and inane sarcasm.

  6. Welcome to life after pin. What took you so long?
    It’s all sooo AskAboutMoney it’s funny.

    Take it from me, you won’t miss it.


  7. @Roc fair point, I was always of the opinion that not being anonymous – given what I do for a living – was a more transparent and sincere route. Maybe that was a mistake! I could have been a VI in disguise for ages!

    @PropPinMember totally agree, it has reached diatribe standards

    @DaltonR I already don’t miss it! Meaningful contribution is rare enough, if one place doesn’t want it then perhaps another will, IrishHomeTruths!

  8. Professori

    Well done Karl,the PIN has become more and more censored and has recently taken to banning people that do not comply with increasingly narrow views and basically anyone who says house prices won’t continue going down in price for ever.

    The founders and subsequent mods started out with good intentions but have degenerated into a clique of like minded,narrowminded backslappers who all enjoy posting smart comments, who jump on any contrary opinion and either bully it into submission, delete it or ban the person responsible.

    I resigned under similar circumstances before the inevitable ban from TUG.I wonder if TUG’s employers know he spends a good part of his working day reading and moderating a website?

    Best wishes for the future.

  9. That place has gone way past it’s sell by date.I left a long time ago.
    Good riddiance to bad rubbish.:lol:

  10. russell

    For me when Geckko and Green bear left back in 2009 was when the forum jumped the shark. I found Geckkos blog, but Green Bear seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet. Anyone know where he’s gone?

    There are still some good posters there like JMC, Yoganmahew and 2pack, I suppose new posters take their place in time.

    Here is a thread highlighting TUG where he engaged instead of his usual snide remarks, he moved it to the piston when Green Bear kicked his ass,
    Interestingly Green Bear seems to have disappeared shortly afterwards.

    Agree with previous posters TUGs constant sniping probably drag down a lot of posters and they leave. Maybe it is just time to move on.

  11. @Professori
    > I wonder if TUG’s employers know he spends a good part of his working day
    > reading and moderating a website?

    I don’t know how he gets away with it. Surely someone looking busy and using a computer a lot would stand you like a sore thumb in the Public Sector.

  12. Disappointed Pinster

    Agree strongly with views on

    The contributors MAKE the site.

    The “owners” have an attitude problem.

    It really shows that there is no new blood, no new ideas going on the site for ages. You can see it diminishing gradually.

  13. John Collins

    It’s a pity to see you have gone from the property pin Karl, and indeed to see others such as daltonr who seem to be disillusioned with the site.
    For what it’s worth I still think it’s one of the best sites out there. It’s head and shoulders above most.Yes it’s true that TUG exerts far too much influence yet has very little to contribute with regard debate. the site would be a lot better off without him.
    However I think it’s unfair to bash the site because of this. With regard to bashing FF,surely that’s understandable?
    John Galt: Your comment usingthe words “begrudgers” and “disaffected” is classically Irish.

    Anyway good luck Karl, dalton et al,I valued your opinions over the years and it’s a pity you gone.

  14. Poacher turned Gamekeeper

    In fairness lads, while ye can bemoan the decline in quality since each of ye left (!) I think its only fair to point out that NONE of ye were banned. Ye simply left of your own accord. So the comparisons with AAM are inaccurate IMO.

    While I dont recall why Richard left, if I remember correctly Professori took his leave when he was asked not to continually raise the issue of immigration (mainly to the UK) as being the cause of the decline of western civilisation as we know it. As had/has been stressed repeatedly, the Pin is not the place for such a debate and the VOLUNTARY moderation team couldnt be arsed going down that particular rabbit hole – over and over and over – it was done once or twice and that was enough.

    @Karl – a username ban is not a ban. A policy regarding commercial signatures was adopted and applied to all on the Board. You didnt dig it – fair enough and mores the pity that you felt you couldnt continue as a result but stating that you were banned is incorrect. Plenty users have been down that route and have come back under a new title. Its the way things have always been on there.

    Anyways lads, personally I wish ye all the best in your future adventures in cyberspace and remember, you’re all very welcome back to the Pin should ye so decide at some point in the future!!!

    And, by the way, I think its fairly obvious to most that the “spirit” 😉 of GreenBear is very much alive and well on the Pin.

  15. @PoacherTurnedGamekeeper the idea of a commercial ban was brought in long before i was banned, therefore it was an example of the rules being ‘in existence’ but only ‘enforced’ once I made a few wisecracks about TUG, he’d delete threads, comments etc. to suit himself and that is not exactly ‘freedom of speech’.

    Think about it: I have been on the site for c. 3yrs+ (was lurking for a while) and then one day I get a ban on using my name or ever referring to it, so what should I do? Pretend to be somebody else? How about a post in the ‘introductions thread’ along the lines of ‘I’m no longer me and can’t tell you who I used to be, I work in a job I can never refer to’… The ban wasn’t ‘site policy’ it was a way of suppressing an opinion that wasn’t supported by the site, a pity given that the pin was set up to actually facilitate such a thing when other sites were less accommodating, my response is to leave.

    I think it actually is fair to look at the decline of commentary because serious industry people who used to post there are leaving or getting bans, Geckko is a real life industry economist, I’m in the mortgage industry – and used to promote the site on radio/newspaper etc. regularly. I have gotten about 20 emails from people who won’t comment who are long time posters there saying they think its a joke and then there are the comments here as well. OW backs TUG irrespective of how he acts, because to be fair TUG is a mod who puts in the hours and it would be a mistake to shaft him even if he deserves it because then you’d have to find a replacement who might be fairer but not likely as dedicated.

    I have always been me, my profile was the same name signature etc. ever since I went there first and it was always good enough in the past, so I can’t go back as somebody else, I’d go back but only as me, to do otherwise would be insincere to myself and to other posters.

  16. Well unless you think that you can buy a property for €1.976, a packet of Tayto,two flying pigs and a fiat punto ….no more no less. It’s a great place.

  17. > In fairness lads, while ye can bemoan the decline in quality since each of
    > ye left (!) I think its only fair to point out that NONE of ye were banned. > Ye simply left of your own accord. So the comparisons with AAM are
    > inaccurate IMO.

    I WAS banned.

    Granted I was banned after I said I was leaving, but I was banned, and ban or not it was made clear to me by TUG that my posts weren’t welcome. I was also told that the ban was permanent, but it seems it was lifted subsequently.

    The similarity with AskAboutMoney is incredible.


  18. Laser Dude

    Some guy tried bringing up the conformity of opinions amongst the mods issue before (though I’m not sure what exactly he’s getting at in his original post).

    I see TUG tried locking the thread after a couple of posts.

  19. will not confirm

    I was lurking for awhile on the PP and as soon as I signed up and actually contributed I realised what a narrow minded contributor base the site has.

    Unless you can constantly post negatives about property all the while wallow in your own self importance of being a renter your views are not taken seriously.

    Ask a simple question about something and the only response you will recieve is a preconstructed rant / gloat that a member has been dying to use.

  20. C

    I am glad to see others share the same view as I do with regard to The Unwelcome Guest. He is so irritating with his short snide remarks. I thought he was reveered on the site and I was starting to question my judgement!

  21. Finnbar01

    Update. The Unwelcome Guest seems to be gone now as well.

  22. Serious? Maybe OW will let me have my name back then?!

  23. Finnbar01

    @Karl. If you look at his profile page, the last time he visited was Sept 2011.

    I wonder how he kills time now he’s not a mod? Lols!

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