Thankfully there isn’t any Tsunami when you consider hard facts

There has been an ongoing commentary about ‘Tsunami’s’ of repossessions that are occurring right now or just about to and we have been part of what we feel is a more realistic interpretation of the facts.

Yes, people have lost their homes and more will, that is always part of the outcome after a massive financial crisis, one of the largest ever, and in a nation that set records for the size and scope of their financial problems.

To think it could be any other way is the same as expecting a health system where nobody ever dies irrespective of the problems they may have. That kind of belief is not rooted in reality.

We think that the correct response is rapid and fair intervention where warranted, and zero protections where properties are abandoned and no payments are being made.

Within this vista there are those who would have you believe the world is being torn asunder and nobody is doing anything about it.

Here are some of the statistics from the courts covering the first quarter of 2016.

New cases on family homes: 1,037

Possession orders granted (nationally): 284

Possession orders NOT granted (nationally): 653

The situation is fairly clear, the speed of new cases is dropping, the number of cases being taken out or thrown out are more than 2:1 vs repossession orders. The Insolvency Service and MABS are in every court to offer help and support.

The system is designed to give people time and a chance to keep their home, it doesn’t mean everybody will have a happy ending, and getting to this point was far too slow, but the system has been effective at keeping people in their home and figuring out the deep and long term arrears is a big piece of work but it will be worked through in time.


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  1. 2Pack

    Good stuff Karl. In most local authority areas freeing up the empties would solve the hard cases on the housing list…of course man of the hard cases turn their noses up at perfectly decent houses.

    The only areas where there is ashortage of housing are Dublin ( probably bits of Meath Wicklow and Kildare too) and Galway and Cork cities. Otherwise we have more than enough homes nationally.

    Keep up teh good work,

    Yer old mucker 2Pack.

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