Start-up to Cause Shift in Housing Market

As I have previously written, the Irish housing market is currently experiencing a great crisis. With nearly no answers, the public is scrambling to find a way out, a way to the surface of all this financial distress.

This is where the Irish start-up Moove comes into play.

They’re entering the market with a goal to disrupt the market and give buyers and seller more choices and control during the sale of a home.

Yet to fully enter the Irish market, they are basing and forecasting the success of their business on the hybrid online model, currently based in the UK.

This model is currently offering sellers savings up to 7,200 euro!

Founder of Moove, David Madden started his career at the age of 17 as an estate agent at his parent’s business.

Having worked in the real estate business for many years, he has great potential in the start-up of such an inventive company.

Moove is designed to provide the same services one would find from a regular real estate agent, starting at a base cost of 1,800 euro.

Moove primarily differentiates itself from the typical agency by price and technology. Both aspects, making it more appealing to buyers and sellers.

The online market of Moove allows buyers to see listings at all hours and message the seller themselves, immediately, through the online site.

Moove primarily prides itself on the speed and efficiency it offers to buyers and sellers. A home can be closed on as fast as the buyer is able to view the property.

The start-up’s biggest challenge yet is the “too good to be true” perception buyers have when dealing with such a business.

When entering the market, sellers are typically planning to spend a high amount to pay a realtors commision. They are especially concerned with selling their home quickly and for the best price possible. Many sellers believe that commission is the drive for the realtor and without commission, will the job get done?

Though a very real and understandable worry, that’s why Moove is different. Its highly up to the public via the internet to sell a home.

These packages are priced so low because the agents are not required to be physically at the home for viewings and much of the business is done from seller to buyer, less middleman work.

Moove has plans to expand throughout the country as the development of a mobile app hits the public.
This way, they will reach more people more frequently, provide further ease to the buyer and sellers, and increase the satisfaction of the customer.

With a goal to reach 400 properties by 2018, Moove is likely to cause a strong shift in the current housing crisis, for the better.

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