RTE Prime Time: Property Trusts and freeman philosophy

We were asked to take part in the Prime Time show about private property trusts and freemen philosophy. They are separate things but in Ireland have close links or ties through their membership. The show looks at some of the promoters, their views and also critiques them via other contributors and practitioners.


  1. Katherine

    Appalling voodoo being peddled by the likes of Gilroy and Callinane. I also watched the other YouTube clip of them all cheering outside the Four Courts the day they issued proceedings. The fact that these people cannot even distinguish between civil and criminal proceedings (they issued a civil summons – or at least I presume they did, because they read out the contents of an endorsement of claim from a civil summons outside the Four Courts – but keep banging on about criminal charges against the banks, books of evidence etc) is a giant red flag, as is this hokum about forming a company to “employ” legal advisers. The dogs in the street know that you don’t have to form a company to “employ” (by which I assume they mean “instruct”, unless the legal advisers are on the company payroll) legal advisers – you can do so directly, in a personal capacity. So what’s the company all about? Why not just instruct solicitors directly, if you have a legitimate claim? Then there is the minor detail that any such company has no contractual nexus whatsoever with the banks. As to this la-la land “trust”: words fail me. Finally – suing the banks for what? On the civil side, they all signed contracts with them and would have been informed of the necessity to take independent advice before doing so. On the criminal side, if the evidence is there, criminal proceedings against individual bank officers will ensue, from the appropriate quarter, ie the DPP. I can’t decide whether the orchestrators of this nonsense are deeply cynical and exploiting the fears of others for financial gain (where have all those €200 fees to sign up to this mickey-mouse “trust” gone?), or deeply deluded. Probably both. And that Gilroy bloke has “anger issues” written all over him.

    • Karl Deeter

      Hi Katherine, thanks for coming by and commenting! 🙂

      You make the points they never will – that at the foundation of this are mismatched accusations versus perceived crimes being pursued in a manner not likely to work.
      Just feel bad for people who will find this out the hard way.

  2. Jeremy Taxman

    Ben Gilroy arrested this morning and is currently in the four courts. Let’s see his Freeman woo get him out of this one.

  3. Katherine

    Jeremy: yes, I saw that! I’d love to read his replying affidavits! Masterpieces of gobbledygook most likely. I see the judge pointedly commented at the initial hearing that everyone was “subject to the rule of law” and that there would be consequences for anyone who considers themselves above/outside it.

  4. Jeremy Taxman

    In the Examiner today, Judge Peter Kelly describes as “nonsense” correspondence from Charlie Allen (still on the run) relating to property loans. http://www.irishexaminer.com/text/ireland/cweysnmhcwau/

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