1. TUG

    Whatever about the mafia, I think the subject header of this post and the allusion it makes is absolutely abhorrent and is in the worst taste possible.

    You’ll be very lucky not to offend alot of people with this but that’s more due to relative obscurity which on this occasion, you can be very thankful for!

  2. leon o connor

    hello karl just read your report i found it enlighting great work just a question i have been dealing with the ptsb for the last 10 years and to be honest the urterly shoddy buinsess practice is driving me nucking futs i now have been called to meet with my local manager the first time ever but i feel that with over 1 million costomers in ireland i think i would do them a justice to stop what happened to me happening to them some of which would be of legal issues any advice would be great thanks leon

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