Nouriel Roubini and Nassim Taleb on CNBC

Two world renowned commentators give their views on the economy and market. The points they are making are that the same people are in charge, the system is not fundamentally changing, and that drastic measures are required in order to solve the financial crisis.

The main points made are that cash is king, the bottom has not fully been reached, and that we need to change the way the economy is driven, we need to get back to real physical capital rather than unproductive activities such as housing and finance.


  1. Andrew

    Is it just me or were the presenters on the show extremely rude? I mean, who are they? Just a bunch of know-nothing media hacks who think they are entitled to aggressively question the acknowledged experts on this problem.

  2. Hi Andrew, thanks for the comment! I think you have hit the nail on the head, but at the same time, experts need to be challenged, especially by those who are not expert in the same field so that we can all be confident of their position and to enable the public to understand the situation too.

    I think Nouriel Roubini did an excellent job of talking in ‘easyspeak’ and that is an achievement of itself for a man who deals with such complex ideas for a living!

    The other person who does this exceptionally is Ex Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volker, check out some of his speeches – well worth a listen, in particular the one he gave to the economics club of new york

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