1. Shall “we” also bomb Russia?

    St. Pete Bourse’s First Sales
    ST. PETERSBURG — The St. Petersburg Exchange said Tuesday that it conducted the first two auctions of refined oil products for private brokers, selling 120 tons of gasoline for a total of 2.3 million rubles ($96,000).
    Perm-based oil trader Uralmontazhstroi offered the two lots Monday, the exchange said in a statement.
    Twenty-six Russian companies and agencies have
    registered to participate on the bourse, the statement said. (Bloomberg)

  2. Darrell

    The dollar is will no longer be accepted as legal tender in international commercial transactions because our government has used the dollar’s reserve currency status to fund wars, ongoing government operations, and what ever else comes to mind.

    Because the dollar has been accept as international legal tender since the beginning of the cold war, and because so many foreign investors, foreign institutions and foreign central banks hold vast qualities of dollars in reserve our government thinks that their only choice is to continue to use the dollar as legal tender. Because of this thinking, our government has taken advantage of the dollar’s privilege position and play God.

    “Deficits don’t matter” has been the rally cry of both political parties.

    In the end, what the Iranian oil bourse means is that our government will finally have to live within in its means.

    And, no I don’t thing our government will invade Iran. And yes I think our government will take responsibility for conducting an unjust war against Iraq.

  3. Russia has been hoping for a non dollar bourse for a long time! Maybe they took their cue from Iran. They won’t get bombed because they have the ability and resources to fight back, wars nowadays are only waged on countries where victory is a sure thing.

  4. humble being

    The us has proved it is ready to kill anybody even presidents in order to safeguerd it’s hegemoney eventually it will collapse but i think the us is already preparing itself by installing bases pretty much everywhere.
    there will be some kind of clash of socities. And as of iran it will get attacked because it doesn’t have nuclear weapons so the casualties of the us will be within reasonable limits when this war against iran occurs oil will hit unseen records so my advice is be prepared for turmoil and shortages of oil and food and water be prepared to defend yourself have a plan b if you must leave your home this war with iran will be ugly for the entire world perhaps this is the beginning of the great tribulation which will last until 2012 who knows….

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