NetVisionary Awards: Best Business Bloggers of 2010!

We are very pleased (totally chuffed!) to be short-listed (or even mentioned in the same sentence as) in the NetVisionary Awards as one of the best Business Bloggers in Ireland in 2010! We were nominated for this before in 2008 but lost out to Michele Neylon of Blacknight. That didn’t phase us because we are both customers & huge fans of Blacknight, you couldn’t lose to better competition. This year we feel the same way, apart from us the nominees are

Amy Dillon of While I don’t wear that much make up [although I’m told I could do with some, or a balaclava] I can see why this blog is so popular, cool videos, a great layout, and good design. It’s cool, even as a guy I can see the attraction of this site and that is a sign of a job well done for sure.

Fiona Hilliard of How could anybody not love this site? Especially the visual layout when you land on the site? The blogs are well written and practical – a recent post about car hire in Spain ought to shave about 40 points off my blood pressure and add years to my life the next time I visit that country!

Krishna De of BizGrowthNews She probably hasn’t heard of us, but we’ve heard of her! This blog has been going for over 5 years, delivering consistently great material on all things internet with a particular focus on social media. Krishna was already a winner in the ‘Best Business Podcast’ category and previously short-listed in the ‘Best use of Social Media’.

Peter Donegan of I only know one Landscaper in real life, oddly, his name is also Peter [but they are not one in the same]. Peter Donegan has already won awards for quality, design and all the things that you could expect from a great landscaper, I also think its great to see a cracking website from such a traditional trade, I’ll have to show this site to my mother in law (she works in the Botanical Gardens) – as it may be the one thing I say to her that doesn’t get me into trouble.

Then of course there is us, working away in stuffy old finance, blogging through the period of the greatest financial catastrophe since the Great Depression, it’s been an adventure that’s for sure! Given how tumultuous the past few years is we’re happy just to be in business, so many of our competitors have closed that the testimony to what we do and how we do it is that we are open for business and still helping our clients through thick and thin.

We have high hopes that finance and economics being such a core topic of the last two years will help get us to the top, but if we don’t win, I can say – hand on heart, we’ll lose to some great competition who will have earned the award every bit as much as any of the rest of us.

So good luck to all involved! See you on the night!



  1. Paul O'Connor

    Up ya by, ya! Go wan, ya good thing!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring an article about the IIA Net Visionary awards and congratulations on being listed.

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