Mortgages in Ireland, a little bit about mortgage brokers.

mortgage lendingJust a quick note to readers, Irish Mortgage Brokers is an intermediary, we go between you and the bank to arrange finance. You can go direct yourself and get the same mortgage, however, over half of the market uses and intermediary to arrange their finance, this is normally because they don’t really how to get a mortgage in Ireland or because they find using a broker easier than dealing with the job directly. And some people just prefer the personal touch of a broker over that of call centres and branches.

If you want to find the best Irish mortgage rates you can do so in a simple phone call or online application, click on the ‘home’ button above and apply over the web or call us on 01 6790990 and an agent will be able to assist you. The people we tend to work with are clients looking for a First Time mortgage in Ireland, people who want to find out how to remortgage a property, commercial lending, and trading up/down.

the financial regulator www.itsyourmoney.ieWe are regulated by the Financial Regulator as a mortgage intermediary and also as a multi-agency intermediary, so we can advise you on mortgages and investment products such as pensions, PRSA’s, bonds, and life assurance.

ecb tracker mortgageIf you want to learn more about tracker mortgages we can let you know about the offers in the market, and we keep people up to date when we get an ECB rate increase or decrease. We believe that some time soon the banks will rationalise their market proposal and move to Euribor mortgages, or Euribor tracker loans. Brokers are not the solution for everybody, however, our clients come back time after time so that is testament in itself. We hope you enjoy the serious articles we normally focus on in our blog, this is just a quick note to tell you something about ourselves!

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