Michael Lynn’s house to go on sale today.

michael lynn solicitor at large - lynngerbread manThe home of Michael Lynn the ‘disgraced’ Solicitor is to go on sale today. The interesting thing is that if you rip off the banks you are ‘disgraced’ if you rip off the Public you are a ‘Taoiseach’ or something along those lines. Any auctions coming soon in Drumcondra? I think not.

In a post several months back I did a piece that said ‘You can’t catch me, I’m the Lynngerbread Man’ and thus far it has proven true, sightings of Michael Lynn are becoming almost as popular as sightings of Elvis and the Lough Ness Monster, Michael if you are reading this drop me an email, I’d love to chew the cud with you for an hour or two. Anyways, his house is going to be sold today, I almost want to place a bid on the place just to say I put a bid on the house once owned by our countries greatest ever con-man, rephrase: our countries greatest ever non-governmental con-man.

An article on breakingnews.ie states that the house, which is in Sandymount, Dublin 4, should fetch around €1.85 million. His wife Brid Murphy will get some of the proceeds, so assuming she gets a decent chunk then the score will come to rest at

michael lynn fugitive solicitorLynn 85 – Banks 1 , I wish Lynn played rugby and could obtain equivalent scores.

Underneath all of my cynicism there is a genuine sympathy for the people that he ripped off, a good con-man can lie through almost anything and spot the chinks in the armour of systems, he clearly did this to his wife, his clients, and to the banking system. There is public outrage for the people who lost money, there is not much sympathy out there for the banks, but beyond all of that there has not been a word about his wife Brid who lived with a man for whom she clearly had no idea of what he was capable of.

michael lynn is a con artistLynn isn’t unlike serial killers in that respect, people who knew him say things like ‘he was a nice man’ etc. and naturally he was probably the kind of guy who would help you take out the rubbish, Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy were meant to be pretty sound in the right social circumstances as well. Glad I never found out.

I heard the expression ‘you can’t con and honest man’, which came about because normally a person who is conned has let their greed get the better of them, I wonder if as a nation we are guilty of this?

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