1. Karl Deeter has made some very valid points. Lenders have acted in total disregard for our industry and have caused major financial worries to thousands of firms across Ireland. They should remember that each individual has a direct circle of influence over 125 people and financial advisors and brokers have access to hundreds of thousands of clients. We will respond with better initiatives and products for our clients and we will seek alternative lenders to bring to OUR client base. Irish lenders have had it too good for too long and when the going gets tough, they all respond in a way which they know no better,cut off the hand that feeds them,GOD BLESS THEM! They are loosing so much money!!!
    It a pity they did not put the €100 million plus that two solicitors took from them into better practises with their industry and not penalise the very people that have been supporting them for over 15 years.

    Brendan Kelly
    Financial Advisor & Mortgage Broker

  2. totally agree folks

    i hope mortgage brokers get together and organise a suitable responce to this uncalled for an scant action by irish banks/by bringing in a few euopean competitors to shake up the irish market/and to provide customers and brokers with better deals/all round/aib paid its directors 7 million euros last year but ca,nt afford to pay brokers 1% commission/or at least give a resonable timeframe for brokers to set themselves up for changes announed/bad business model if you ask me/daft responce by banks in a slowing market/adds to difficulties in building industry/as clients will have more difficulty getting loans and will have to pay more to get their loans/mortgage broker qualified advisor in carlow

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