1. Hilarious. The law of the trust is “natural law”. Right. You have rightly identified a key clause, even if the document stands up: the person transferring the property has warranted that it is clear of encumbrances. How does this scheme work again?

  2. Ronan

    Good find, JD. Clearly there is a link to the Freemen-Nutjob movement, which is no surprise there. If the law doesn’t suit you, why not pretend it doesn’t apply?


    Why is there no blog or comment from any one representing the Trust ?

  4. I think Karl is talking so much crap that some of the trust members may think replying to his “bank driven comments is pointless,” This is just a sample of some of the comments been left on another web site, many of the others I just cant post as you can imagine, Karl except for your friends on here you have little or no respect with the public.
    Why don’t you run an article on some of your members that participated in lodging dodgy paperwork etc to obtain mortgages for clients just to get their commission, members that new that the paperwork was fraudulent, helped in gathering up false documents to attach with their application forms, this seems a very popular subject with many views I have read on other sites, you are representing people that helped and assisted people to get 20 year mortgages on cars kitchens etc etc as loans on property yet you keep quiet on this.?? is that a secret may ask or do you just do selected items that get you airtime and notice.
    The more I read your articles the more you mirror banks, uncanning really.At least decent people are getting wise to you as you just write your own garbage and not the truth with the help of some of your boyfriends. lol
    “If Karl writes it it must be lies as he only writes crap” as another person said.
    Not my views just what people think.

  5. Jeremy Taxman

    More from Rudolph the Red-faced Allen and his band of merry freemen

    • john

      At least someone is putting their neck on the line Jeremy.Like to see you go through the effort they went through yesterday with out a red face.Typical Irish sarcastic comment lets bend over and do doing and ridicule those who actually make a stand.

      • Jeremy Taxman

        Pretending that laws don’t exist is no way to go through life, son.

        • john

          Jeremy it is the receivers who are pretending laws don’t exist not the trust.

          Depends which side of the fence you are looking at this from.

          Banks have been breaking rules and laws for years with no one so much as saying a word.

          All we have done is complain about their behavior stuck the kettle on and sat down and watched fair city and forgot about our troubles.

          Yes this trust is ignoring some basic laws but at the end of the day they are doing nothing different to the banks.The main thing is they are acting in the best interests of home owners which is something the banks haven’t been doing.

          What they are doing may work or they it may all fall apart and they will be vilified and laughed at but fair play to them for taking a stand and trying something which at the end of the day we as a nation haven’t done for a long time.

  6. John,
    My track record speaks for itself, do your homework before you comment, I have no axe to grind with Charlie Allen personally, in fact I spoke to him at Eugene’s farm on Wednesday last and congratulated him for standing up for his convictions, I am free to voice my opinions on any subject when I do not accept the provenance of the subject. Intimating that I have some neferious agenda is ridiculous at the very least. For the record I am not a fan of Karl Deeter or any Mortgage Broker for that matter, most of them have gone out of business voluntarily of involuntarily and did exceptional damage during the feeding frenzy, but it does not preclude me from agreeing with Karl on any issue, a closed mind is a terrible waste, try to keep yours open.

  7. Onthewagon

    Time for the bull shit to end. Or perhaps the good news to emerge.

    The most recent excuses proffered by Mr Allen and his associates for not defending the trust are that they are ‘still’ seeking the right time to strike. Well maybe its third time lucky.

    1* The Fallons pub in Longford – the indebted parents young lad was left on his own in court. Receivers back at the steering wheel.
    2* Kilkenny court stud – Mr Allen was/is a now show, currently has a warrant for his arrest for contempt of court – receivers backs at the steering wheel.
    3* Pub from Wexford is to enter receivership. A date for two weeks from 25/10/13 has been set in the high court to explain how the tenancy agreement between the pub and trust is not null and void.

    I know a few people whom are in this trust. The contract of agreement upon which it is based seems flimsy at best. Proving the link between natural and common law upon which our constitution rests will be some task.
    The irony of the the trust is fascinating; considering that keeping (attaining) wealth from another without paying is the antithesis (as I understand it) of natural law.

    That natural law was is many ways the founding thesis upon which common law was formulated and then set down as a set of precepts – really doesn’t have much to do with anything.

    Should the trust work – I hope it does – then it is time to see it happen. There has been plenty of time to prepare, Christmas is coming and I’d prefer people to face into the new year with either the good or the bad news.

    Enough of the farce,

    Lets see something happen

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