1. I would like to get some more advise and help in this regards. We purchased a house in IRE in 2005 and due to economic crisis, left IRE in 2009 due to unemployement and advertised our house for rent or sale. None of those happened for 1 year, the house was succesfully rented nor sold, mortgage was not possible to pay. So we sadly decided to return the house to the bank (volunteer possesion) 6 months ago. Since then we did not get any update from the bank not even our solicitor. We would like to get some more advise from anyone who had already such experience or from someone who can brief us about future consequences and lecal and financial procedure.
    I would really appreciate anyone’s comments

  2. Brendan

    Mariana, I am considering voluntary repossession also can I ask where you are living now and if per the article above you qualified for local housing?

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