Irish variable rates March 2009

Here are the variable rates on offer at present from Irish lenders

AIB variable 2.79%
ICS variable <50% LTV 2.90%
BOI variable <50% LTV 2.90%
AIB LTV 50-80% 3.00%
EBS variable 3.13%
Halifax LTV<50% 3.15%
KBC (12mth disc.std.var) 3.98%
Haven variable 3.7%
PTsb LTV<80% 4.1%
PTsb LTV>80% 4.2%
NIB variable 4.23%
Bank of Scotland 4.23%
First Active 4.5%
Ulsterbank 5.4%

These variable mortgage rates are as of March 2009 ranked according to

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