Irish fixed rates March 2009

The fixed rates below are the top three buys of each type

One year fixed rates
AIB (first time buyers only)  2.4%
KBC (first time buyers only)  2.49%
ICS (first time buyer only) 2.55%

Two year fixed rates
AIB 2yr fixed 2.8%
Halifax 2yr fixed 3%
EBS 2yr fixed 3.15%

Three year fixed rates

AIB 3yr fixed 3.1%
Halifax 3yr fixed 3.4%
NIB 3yr fixed 3.47%
[LTV restricted rates not included]

Five year fixed rates

AIB 5yr fixed 3.6%
Halifax 5yr fixed 3.8%
EBS 5yr fixed 4.2%
[LTV restricted rates not included]

Ten year fixed rates
AIB 10yr fixed 4.25%
EBS 10yr fixed 4.65%
Haven 10yr fixed 5.09%

This gives a selection of the top fixed rates in the market as of March 2009, in some cases there are rates that are not listed due to them having LTV restrictions, in this list only rates that are available to general customers were considered. If you have a very low loan to value there are better rates available in many cases, call us if you want to find out and we can do the research for you.

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