1. Bruce

    Hi Karl
    when it comes to the Luas, i was led to understand that it had paid for itself a couple of times over by this stage. so there really should be no loss financially to anyone in the state for this project. so if you are for chargeing local residents for the set up, they should get money back if the project starts to retun a profit

  2. Hi Bruce,

    Can you post a link to the story/evidence of it having paid for itself many times over? The problem is that people in the catchment get top class infrastructure at no cost to them and yet the value of that infrastructure is injected straight into their property prices which is then privatised.

    Even if you don’t sell it has a gain because you are less likely to be in negative equity and can at least switch mortgages for instance.

    The rationale isn’t to ‘charge residents for the build’ but to charge for the benefit they receive because of it which is something that needs to be incorporated into rates and property tax or heavier capital gains when property in the area is sold, however the better and more rational choice is for rates/property tax

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