Inflation… 'when' not 'if'…

The endurance of gold at above $900, rising oil prices, the weakening dollar and a Treasury/Fed combo that is increasing the money in circulation will lead us where?

I hate to harp on about inflation but it just doesn’t seem that further down the line we won’t see a lot of it, the market is pricing it in, the yield curve is suggesting it, and yet it remains on the periphery of commentary for the most part.

One important statement in this talk is the bit where one of the guys talks about the fractional reserve system and the multiplier effect that can turn 800+ billion into 8 trillion.

When we are advising longer term fixed rates to avoid the pain this will bring (and it won’t be in 09′, it will be 10′ or 11′ but rest assured it will come), bear in mind that in the short term you will pay more than you have to, but that when everybody else is hurting you will be insulated. The reason for fixing now rather than later is that the prices today won’t last as the market starts to get closer to the realisation of inflation, so you have to pre-empt it to a degree, and buy before the fact because once it becomes widely known then the prices will reflect that knowledge.

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