Inflation or Deflation? 1923 or 1932? What will it be?

I have been a proponent of inflation being the greater risk to society than deflation for quite some time, so all said, I am in the ‘inflation is the true risk’ camp. Interestingly, it is starting to become the topic of the day now and apart from my feelings that a fixed rate now is a good idea, there are two debates from the major money channels below, one is from Bloomberg the other CNBC. They are well worth watching.

The first clip from Bloomberg has Tom Keene, Economics editor and Alan Blinder (formerly of the Fed)  of Princeton University.

The next clip is from CNBC on the same topic, featuring Larry Kudlow, Michael Darda, MKM Partners; Joe Lavorgna, Deutsche Bank and CNBC’s Sharon Epperson.

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