Identity Fraud – spot the signs

With more and more of your personal information being kept on file there is a growing risk of identity fraud, at the low end of the scale your information can be used for unsolicited mail or the like, at the high end it can be used for fake passports, fraud, loan applications and other such serious matters. Today we are going to list the ‘symptoms’ you might experience if your ID has been stolen, they come compliments of the IBF, Garda, IPSO and PSNI pamphlet on the same topic.

1. You receive letters from solicitors or debt collectors for debts that are not yours.
2. you get bills or invoices for goods or services you haven’t ordered.
3. Bills for mobile phones in your name arrive – that you don’t know about.
4. You are refused a financial service such as a credit card or loan despite having a good credit history.

The way that you can prevent much of this if you always remember:

1. Lock all your valuable documents in a secure place
2. Shred bills and other sensitive information – this is perhaps the best defence, there are people who quite literally crumple up their credit card bill and throw it in the green bin, think of how crazy that is?! A fraudster doesn’t even have to pick through the normal muck in a black bin, they can just pick through the nice, rubbish free green bin full of paper and walk off with your information.
3. Inform all of your service providers when you are moving address.
4. Set up a mail forwarding service when you do change address with An Post
6. Check your credit report with the ICB if you have doubts or think that debts may be occurring in your name but without your authorisation.

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