1. sounds like a good idea

  2. jack

    So the rich, get to cruise to city handy dandy, and the less well off can bike or bus it.

    Given that the roads were paid for by everyone, restricting use based wealth sucks.

    Try this one instead. Car owners with odd number plates one day even numbers the next. Restrict each person would be allowed to have just odd or even numbers not both, so it would not matter how many cars you had.

    OR electronic gateway, each car gets a number of free trips per year after that you pay, a fee.

    OR just make the trains free to use and free parking by the day.

    OR Allow employers to give free travel passes to all staff, and then no taxes on the Bik.

    OR try a mix of these ideas to reduce traffic without the standard push out the poor plans of the comfortable middle classes.

  3. Hi Jack, basically the rich did, do, and will always have an ability to afford things the rest of us can’t, things like big houses etc. are also part of that inequality and something that we accept is so many other areas, for instance owning bigger houses- you mentioned that we all pay for the roads, thats true, but in that case there shouldn’t be any toll roads either!

    the workable solution is always to hit people in the pocket, the plastic bag levy prooved that point. So I’ll stick to my guns about doing it based purely on a monetary system! Thanks for your comment though, it gives food for thought and many other readers likely disagree with my idea and would rather see one like yours implimented.

    talk soon

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