Hillary takes New Hampshire

Its clear that I am a big fan of Barack Obama, I nearly want to start a rumour that he’s Irish and his name is O’Bama and then everybody else here would like him too…

Anyways, Hillary took New Hampshire, Pollsters and pundits got it really wrong on this one! Mind you it was a 39 to 36% lead and not nearly as impressive as Obama’s Iowa performance but it has made me think about something.

Bill Clinton was my favourite president (Other than George Washington) and Hillary got eight years of indirect experience during that time, she’s a very bright and well versed lady and she certainly knows the pains of the Oval Office, more importantly you get Hillary you get Bill, its one of the only ways to bring him back into the domain of decision making because he cannot serve as president again. Behind every great man is a woman, and sometimes behind every great woman there is a man, isn’t the 21st century great that way!

One issue I do have is that Hillary Clinton cried publicly, call me old fashioned but Presidents don’t cry, normal people do. Some commentators think that helped show her human side, personally I prefer the word ‘vulnerable’ side, I hope we don’t get the waterworks every time she has a hard decision to make.

I don’t think the world will see a republican president this time around – then again, I never think the republicans will win.

Economics is one think Bill has a handle on and although Hillary might be the one in the public eye you can bet she’ll use his counsel as needed.

What would it look like to the world though? If she gets into office then we would have had 16 years of Bush rule and at least 12 years (possibly 16 if she won a second term) of Clinton rule, 32 years with two families in charge, hardly rings of democracy does it?

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