Frontline: The rant on Pat Kenny’s show

When I saw this my reaction was kind of OMGWTF! This guy goes on a rant that champions all other rants, it doesn’t result in the expected mortification of Pat Kenny, afterwards I felt kind of cringey for whoever that guy is. Personally I  think Pat should have let the guy keep going because he started off earning £600,000 and then halfway through was earning £900,000 I’d say if you let the ranter continue he would have had Pat earning £1.2 million by the end and its not often that you get that kind of raise live on air! And it’s not a type-o using the £ sign, the guy kept using that phrase himself. Having said that, is it realistic to have a person earning close to a million in a conversation about cutting public sector pay? Should that be looked past and the topic viewed in principle? That decision making process might cover some strange moral territory.

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